The Manelli journey began over 15 years ago, under the sunny skies of
Nice in the south of France. As a family-owned business with a personal touch, we work every day with the goal of supporting ambitious and passionate professionals in their careers.

Specializing in professional
attire for the culinary, Manelli not only distributes but also imagines and designs its own products, continuously drawing inspiration from what makes it unique: Its modernity, expertise, and
team spirit.

Now, Manelli is excited to announce the expansion of our adventure into the USA, starting with California. In addition to our e-commerce site, Manelli also boasts 2 physical retail locations, welcoming professionals to experience our quality firsthand!


Choosing a Manelli garment means opting for attire that's transparent in its creation, high-performing, and thoughtfully designed. Each product
is conceived in our design office and adheres to a strict quality charter. All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, a testament to our

We ensure the durability of our products by collaborating with renowned partners: Our zippers are branded "YKK", our snap buttons are from "Prym", and our products are built to last, thanks in part to the use of triple stitching.

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Manelli draws its strength from professionals who are passionate about their craft. The brand operates its own workshop in Tunisia, a country known for its unique textile expertise.

Manelli has always been committed to maintaining a close and privileged relationship with its clients, regularly engaging with them: feedback, critiques, and trends are all driving forces that evolve the brand into a symbol of
professionalism, comfort, and humanity.

Join us in bringing Manelli to life!

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