Collection: Chef Shoes

Take advantage of our selection of kitchen shoes for men and women, combining comfort and safety for working in the kitchen. The range includes numerous models, all specific to your working conditions. With our wide range of kitchen shoes, you will find the style that suits you. For example, you can treat yourself to 100% standardized kitchen sneakers with a sporty look suitable for young and dynamic restaurants.

Shoe Selection for Every Taste

You can adopt a modern and original look while being entirely safe and with unbeatable comfort throughout your service. But you will also discover our classic and equally secure kitchen shoes. If you prefer a classic and traditional look, then these shoes are made for you. We also offer practical, secure kitchen clogs that are suitable for chefs.
If you are looking for kitchen boots, we also have this type of model. Completely waterproof, they can be used by fishmongers, dishwashers, or during kitchen cleaning in restaurants. With all styles and shapes, our kitchen safety shoes are all adapted to the shape of your foot, for maximum comfort and to respect your difficult working conditions, such as long periods of standing, for example.

Safety Comes First

All our shoes are perfectly designed according to European standards, they are highly secure and promote your comfort in the kitchen. S1, S1P, S2, or S3, depending on the models and brands, their category varies. They are all non-slip and anti-static kitchen shoes. Generally made with composite toecaps, they protect you from potential falls of dangerous objects. The standards vary depending on the shoe's waterproofness or the characteristic of the anti-perforation sole. Manelli has chosen to select for you the best brands of kitchen safety shoes, to offer you the best possible quality/price ratio and maximum comfort over an unlimited duration. Schu’zz, Upower, Abeba, Dunlop, or Puma... Manelli has put together a selection of the most well-known and recognized brands.

Complete Kitchen Attire

To go with your shoes, why not invest in a complete kitchen outfit at Manelli? You will have a choice in a wide range of kitchen jackets, whether it's women's kitchen jackets or classic and traditional kitchen jackets. You can then get yourself a black kitchen trouser, or pied-de-poule, matching your favorite jacket. Finally, complete your outfit with kitchen accessories such as a chef's hat or skullcap. A complete chef's outfit, of great quality and affordable!

Shoes and Clogs with Safety Protection

Safety kitchen shoes exist in moccasins, clogs, or sneakers adapted for professionals' safety and comfort. While wearing safety shoes is mandatory in the kitchen, it is important to have comfortable models for the well-being of those who use them.
Compliance with standards is not incompatible with individual choices. To allow each restaurant professional to find the right shoe, we offer different products. Our shoes always comply with current protection standards. Many models are available, each adapted to different foot shapes.

Safety Shoes for Professionals Working in the Kitchen

You can find shoes for men or women in all styles. Some shoes are more casual (kitchen clogs), others emphasize sobriety, but all will perfectly meet the required standards. The various shoe models we offer can be divided into 3 categories. These are moccasins, clogs, and kitchen sneakers. This variety will allow everyone to choose the footwear that suits them best. But all these products have been specifically designed for professionals. It is about offering kitchen staff the opportunity to be as comfortable as with shoes they are used to wearing outside of work hours.
Some prefer their foot to be well supported. Others need space and, for example, to keep their heel fairly free. Others are very concerned about their appearance and also want to prioritize great mobility like that which comes with sports shoes. The models we offer can meet all these aspirations. However, they are primarily technical products. But they have been designed to be able to reconcile safety imperatives and the well-being of those who wear them.