Collection: Chef Hats

Manelli presents its selection of chef hats! The offered chef hats range from the most modest designs to patterned models that will appeal to many cooks. Kitchen caps are also available. You can also find our kitchen bandanas... Manelli offers a magnificent selection of chef hats! The black and white chef hats are the most modest and are available starting from 8EUR excluding taxes, while the patterned models will appeal to the most rock'n'roll chefs. Kitchen caps are also available for a more conventional style. Finally, our kitchen bandanas are available in several colors and different patterns.

Beret, toque, and bandana: Usage and Function

Kitchen and restaurant garments primarily serve a hygienic role. The calot, toque, and bandana also serve this function. They prevent hair from falling into dishes or preparations. Additionally, these head coverings immediately absorb sweat from the forehead. Traditionally, chefs wear a toque. Often of a distinctive size and shape, it represents their authority among their subordinates. However, due to the considerable workload chefs face, the bandana and calot are gradually surpassing the toque. They are easier to wear and offer more freedom due to their tied shape directly on the head. More modern, they are revolutionizing kitchen uniforms. With such a fine outfit, equip yourself with a high-quality kitchen knife!

Express your style with the calot, toque, and bandana from Manelli

When you wear a kitchen garment, the first thing people notice is the aesthetic aspect of the attire. Calots, toques, and bandanas are no exception. Chefs and their subordinates can still prepare their best dishes while wearing a classic uniform. The ranges offered by Manelli often integrate sober colors. Very trendy at present, black, white, and burgundy head coverings inspire elegance and refinement.

Kitchen Hat: Have you explored our collection?

Manelli offers a rich collection of calots, toques, and bandanas. You will have a wide selection. Indeed, Manelli offers 69 models available in various colors. Renowned in this field, our online store will satisfy you, regardless of your taste and style. Our calot, toque, bandana collection generally includes:

Edged toques

Sir kitchen toques

Camouflage pattern toques

Bicolor bandanas

Striped bandanas

Invisible bandanas

Edged calots

Monochrome calots

Striped calots

Due to their usage, function, and quality, the calot, toque, and bandana complete the uniform of those who work in the kitchen. If you want to assert your personality at work, opt for our kitchen hats. With us, you will surely find the calot, toque, or bandana that matches your style.